More on Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Thanksgiving features food. The Pilgrims worked hard to make the new world their home, and this was their celebration. It’s a pretty standard menu. The table is jammed with turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings. History aside, families also like to get everyone together in one room. But just like the colors of the leaves, Thanksgiving dinner recipes can be an amazing variety.

How about this recipe for a pleasant-tasting appetizer? Move the pumpkin from dessert to the start of the meal as a mouth-watering Pumpkin soup. Take a tablespoonfull of oil and butter each of them and then heat it to a medium heated pan. Add three sliced leeks (only the white) and saute until the leeks are soft. Pumpkin puree, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and salt join the party. Stir that until well mixed, then pour in 32 ounces of vegetable broth. Add brown sugar. Simmer for 1 minutes over low heat. Cream or half and half are optional, along with a pinch of cinnamon on top of each bowl. That sounds good.

For the main course try frying the turkey instead of broiling it. It won’t get greasy. The oil is so hot it doesn’t flow into the meat. Buy a turkey fryer. Check the meat with a meat thermometer and the oil temperature with an oil thermometer. Hot oil may spatter so do this in an open outdoor space. Heat the oil to between 325 degrees and 35 degrees F. Cook it for 3 minutes per pound, until the breast is 17F. It’s common to inject spices into the turkey during frying, but the dressing is usually not fried along with the turkey.

Pumpkin and sausage soup makes for a good appetizer too. The list of delicious appetizers is endless. Give cheese wrapped asparagus a try. Both sliced and spread cheese go into this one. One idea is swiss cheese slices with a softer blue cheese spread. The slices are spread with the other cheese, wrapped around a few spears, and cooked at 23C until the asparagus is soft.

Ok, this way asparagus isn’t healthy, but Thanksgiving doesn’t everyday.

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